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Why Leavers


    Leavers Lace   Jacquardtronice Raschel
Outer apperance   Patterns woven with up to 200 pattern threads and maximum over 20,000 netting twins vividly display 3D effect and fineness   Although  it has gone through several times of innovation and improvement and the pattern threads to be used have reached over 70, it still has limitations in the presentation of patterns. Currently it is a little inferior to Leavers lace. In order to tap into and bring to full play the characteristics of Raschel lace, reasarch work is now being carried out in all respects.
Raw threads to be used   Nylon, dacron, cotton, silks, artifical silk, acetate fibers, wool, acrylic fibers, spandex etc. Any thread should have a twist of 300T/ M-1,000T/M. As far as the thickness of thread is concerned, the ground thread is mainly 30-70D, while the liner and gimp threads are 70-1,200 D.   The types of threads that can be used here are the same as those for Leavers lace and untwisted threads can also be used. However, as it is a highly run and highly sophisticated machine, cotton threads used for a long time may casue  feather which will do damage to the machine. As far as the thickness is concerned the gorund thread 30-70D, liner and gimp threads 50-600D are feasible.
Weaving   As it is a simple machine, it is nescssary to make adjustment to certain parts of the machine. In addition once a wrong raw thread is used, it will casue malfunction on shuttle. A slight adjustment error will casue broken threads or distortion of pattern, so meticulous management and inspection by skilled worker is necessary in order to ensure high of the product   Super Multiple Bar Raschel machine is a virtually automatic machine, So long as the raw threads and pattern are correct, the occurrence of fault is seldom. The machine controlled by computers can keep its operation at high speed.
Processing and treatment   In order to remove the oil, black lead and lubricants of the weaving machine an adverse impact of dirt and grease, meticulous refining and processing are nescssary, and then followed by dyeing and treatment. The lace that is woven according to the principles of rope twisting often has the tendency of slanting towards one direction. Treatment of tentering and setting by skilled workers is necessary   Compared with Leavers lace, the grease on the machine is far less. However, in order to realize the steadiness of the material, cleaning of the fabric is necessary, and then followed by dyeing and treatment. Because computer controls the longitudinal weaving, the tension is even and stable. Therefore normal operation procedures of setting and processing can be adopted.
Summary   Leavers lace that is woven by using the principal of rope twisting will take a lot of time and manpower. However, if meticulous operation of all work procedures such as the regulation of machine, the selection of raw threads and the weaving of patterns are assured perfect works of art can be produced constantly.   Raschel lace is the product that is higly productive because of the features of wide selection of types of threads, high efficiency of weaving and beautiful patterns. So long as these features have been fully tapped into and brought into full display, good lace that will meet various needs can be produced.